Monday, July 21, 2008

Play Ball!

So our kids are spoiled. They had never been to a baseball game that wasn't played in a professional stadium. Well, Saturday night we joined some friends at a summer college league game. It was in a beautiful brick baseball park, but still our girls were like, "where is the stadium?" It was kind of sad, really. But we all ended up having a great time. The food prices were actually survivable ($1.50 for popcorn vs $6.50 or so at the big park)! And we were sitting about 15 feet behind home plate (as opposed to our season tickets in the nose-bleeds!).

The best part though was that the girls were picked to announce the start of the game. Someone came through and asked one of our little friends, who said no. She then turned to K and asked her, and she was like "YEAH!" and of course, B had to go with her. I had Big Man on my lap at the time and was sitting 2 rows behind talking to a friend. I didn't even know what had gone on. At one point, I was like, where are the girls. But I noticed DH was gone, so figured they were all off somewhere.

They do the introductions of the teams and stuff, and then you hear over the loud speaker "And now we have 4-year old B her 6-year old sister K to begin the game!" and they YELL - "LET'S PLAY BALL!!!!!!" They were SOOOOO excited. They really loved it. We had to call Grampa after we left to tell him all about it. It totally made the night for them!

K pointed out that they were unlikely to get the chance to do that at "our" park, because "we sit too far away - they probably pick kids from the front". I told her she was probably right, and that she wasn't likely to yell "Play Ball" before a Nats game, but you never know!


carrie said...

How fun, did they sing "take me out to the ballgame" too? ;)

pixie4bears said...

Fun! I bet that made them feel like big stuff!