Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010, really??

Where did the last year go? I have no idea. Work was busy, kids were crazy, life was insane. Basically normal with a little bit of extra craziness thrown in.

I do not have a resolution for 2010. I have decided to just do my best. Try and not scream at the kids as much. Try and lose the weight I gained back. Try and exercise more. Try and keep my house from looking like a college boy's dorm room. Try and get my kids (and DH) to eat more food that is good for them(side note - few weeks ago DH blew dinner and we ended up serving the kids pumpkin ravioli. Of course I didn't tell them that until they had licked up every last crumb and asked for more. Then I told them what it was. They couldn't believe it!).

And as always, try and enjoy every single moment. Hope you do to.

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