Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning Boards

When I redid the girls' room, I had come out with this idea of them each having a whiteboard by their desks. We could use it for reminders or even as a teaching tool. Instead of a pricier white board, I just got 2 12x12 picture frames from Ikea, and some whiteboard markers. I flipped over the stock picture and used the white side. Works great. Well, ok, the yellow doesn't really show much - but the rest of the colors are fine.

We have been using it for math and vocabulary. Each morning they wake up to a new word that they look up in their dictionaries and then write what it means (not the definition, but what they summarize from it). They also get a math problem to solve.

The best part - the girls LOVE it. They think it is so cool and can't wait for us to come in and "score" them!

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Lil Mouse said...

dude this rocks. How come the stock paper works, just because it's slick it's been laminated? If I'm right, don't bother answering if I'm wrong send me an email would ya? jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com..

anyway, we got a couple of giant boards from "Wallies", they often have 50% off sales and the big boards are only about $25 to begin with. We kept one and gave the other away. Once your girls are bigger, you might consider making the switch for algebra and things like that. That was my biggest help in college was using a white board for calculus and I've given white boards for gifts a few times because of that. I love the vocab idea. Most kids I know can't even USE a dictionary!

Betsy said...

SO awesome!!!! I am thinking you write on the glass?

3XMom said...

yes- I'm sorry. I am writing on the glass.