Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Hard Being the Little Brother

Last night after dinner, Big Man came in the kitchen carrying a Snow White costume dress and a Belle costume skirt. He wanted help putting them on. I asked why he had 2 skirts. He said "in case of emergency", I said, "a princess emergency?" DH piped in with, "buddy, if there is a princess emergency, you need a sword and shield!" K said, "no, a Princess emergency would need the Powerpuff Girls!" Of course...what we were thinking?


AmyBow said...

you need a little prince costume. Or maybe a pirate costume so that DH would have to rescue the beautiful princesses from the nutty pirate? Regardless, he looks adorable.

3XMom said...

oh he has Superman and Batman costumes...he just tends to prefer the Princesses! ;)

Mordermi said...

I don't know that he prefers them, so much as he prefers to wear what his sisters wear and *they* prefer them. This whole sibling rivalry/envy thing is very confusing to us only child-types. :-)