Monday, January 18, 2010 we come

This weekend is step #2 of convincing DH we need an RV. Step #1 was to talk about it, and then bring it up at every opportunity (such as pointing out RVs every single time we see one, work it into many conversations (we should get that movie on DVD - yeah! It would be great to watch in our RV), an so on). Step #2, go to an RV Show. This will let DH see all these new fancy high-end RVs that we can never afford, but will get him to like the idea in preparation of buying our own used lower-end RV. hee hee.

My MIL (who grew up in a family with LOTS of RVs) is coming. That should help! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

(fyi - posted while we are still on vacation! back wed!)


Mordermi said...

The bad news for you is the flaw in your plan. Not that you posted your plan (which is akin to evil villains monologuing while the good guy escapes certain doom)...the part where you show me the high-end ones we can never afford and then sell me the low-end model. I've seen the high-end and started to picture us in it...I'm not sure I can accept less, hence the flaw. Now *you* have to figure out how to get me to accept less.

Jenn said...

RV's are GREAT! We've got four little ones and we wouldn't travel any other way. It's the absolute best! The high-end RV's ARE awesome, but we settled for a really BIG TT. It works great and we don't have to worry about the kiddos destroying something so... expensive. :)
But hey, go high-end if you can! Hah... Good luck!