Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am officially one of those moms. I have totally over scheduled my poor 6 year old. She has soccer (one practice a week, one game on the weekend), ballet (once a week), and swimming (once a week). So now on, she goes to school. At 6 (or hopefully a bit before) I pick her up at extended day, have her put on her shin guards and socks, and walk out to the soccer field. At 6:45 (15 minutes early) we get up and walk back to our house (thank GOD our house, the school, and the field are so close!). When we get there, B is waiting in her bathing suit, with a grilled cheese sandwich in her hand for K. We all climb in the car and drive like crazy to swimming across town. On the way K eats her "dinner". We run in, and both girls do swimming. Not sure when K puts her bathing suit on. Last night we managed it after Extended Day (under the soccer clothes). Too crazy.

Sadly, Saturdays may be the same way with Ballet 20 miles away, and Soccer games moving around in terms of time.

Meanwhile B only has swimming, and Big Man gets nothing.

Ah well....the joys of parenting!


Mordermi said...

Caveat: K's psycho day is Monday. That seemed to have been left out. It's not everyday. We're crazy, not stupid.

pixie4bears said...

Wow! Thats a lot.Is she having fun with it all?

Courtney said...

Good luck with all of that! We feel like that part-way through the school year, so far all of the boys' activities have not gotten back into full swing yet. But last year we had something every night of the week and Saturdays too.