Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home Renovation - Part 3

The back is gone 2
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So..our living room is gone. Kinda weird, as that room is a BIG factor in why we bought the house at all. The concrete slab you see is where the floor of our living room used to be. Now our house ends at the kitchen (which is just behind the blue tarp). The part with the black tarp was a little loft area we had above the living room (which was down about 5 stairs). The slabs are still there, but will probably be gone by the end of this week. They are still about 4 days ahead of schedule. We have been through 2 complete dumpsters to date. So far it has not been too bad. We had about a dozen trips to the storage unit with different things. We have one room completely lost to boxes -- the den, but frankly it was just barely usable before. Luckily we had a friend (Duffy) staying in our guest room, so we couldn't crowd that too bad (although she did have several days of returning from work to a room piled high with stuff the contractors had put there). Right now it is still exciting to us. I'm sure it will get old shortly, but for now, we are still having fun imagining the new space.

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