Friday, June 15, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

So my brother pointed out that I have yet to blog on one of my favorite things -- baseball. Specifically, the Boston Red Sox. And what a great time to do it. Must gloat while I have the opportunity! The Red Sox are currently the best team in baseball, and have been since nearly the start of the season. They are 8 1/2 games ahead of their nasty rival whose name will not be mentioned, but begins with a Y (as in YOU) and ends in an S (as in SUCK!). Anyway, I have always been a baseball fan, and how can you not LOVE the Red Sox? (Josh, don't answer)

That said, we are a three-team baseball family. There is Her team (the aforementioned Sox), His team (the St. Louis Cardinals), and Their team (our local Nationals). We became season ticket holders from the first moment baseball returned to the Nation's Capital. Ok, we don't have a full season, or even a half, (we have 20 games), but we still count as season ticket holders. We have been to all (three) of the season openers, and many many games in between. When the girls hear the word "baseball" they automatically say "let's go Nats!". They can both sing "take me out to the ballgame" (even if some of the words are interesting). Big Man will be as enthusiastic, I'm sure, once he can speak.

There is something so relaxing, so SUMMER, about being at the ballpark on a warm day, drinking a beer, and taking in the sites and sounds.

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Mordermi said...

Well, this year will not be a repeat for the Cards...and the Nats would do well to even finish next-to-last.

I love going to see the ballpark and the game as it unfolds. Growing up I never went to see baseball games very much...DC never had a team while I lived here and we only went to Baltimore once or baseball was always a TV thing. Now, with the ability to see so many games, I will be content if we have more nights like Tue night...we go withthe kids, see an hour or so, then go home when the kids start to crash.