Thursday, June 7, 2007

Food, food, glorious food

So this website shows what a typical family eats in different locations all around the world. It is very interesting, I think. Things I found surprising:

1) the family in Italy is so skinny - and LOOK at ALL THAT BREAD! My goodness! There have to be 20 loaves of bread in that picture!!!

2) how much soda the Mexican family drinks

3) I don't begin to have a guess where Konstancin-Jeziorna is. Not even the continent. (Hope I never get that one in our geography/world game, Duffy and dan!)

4) the family from Bargteheide spends over $500 a week on food??!! I didn't think Germany was that expensive.

Anyway, I was glad we weren't on there. Lord knows what we consume in a week, but I'm sure it wouldn't look good. There would be unbelievable amounts of yogurt. And a pathetic lack of fresh vegetables (although I did sign us up for a vegetable/fruit delivery service, so that should help).


Stephanie said...

I had to catch up on all your blogging! That's what happens when you're away for days on end. Do the vegy people have a website?

3XMom said...

Oh yeah -- its here: