Monday, June 18, 2007

Classes, scheduled activites on hiatus

So we decided that we will not have any classes or regularly scheduled activities for the summer. The kids are still young enough that we can get away with this, so we are going to! Their last classes were swimming and gymnastics this weekend. Now we are free until September.

This means we can work on going to the pool, geocaching, watching our house construction, etc. I can't wait! We started with a quick geocache after the last swimming class on Saturday. We went to find a cache we had tried once before. This time found it easy (note to self: follow the hints, not always just the GPS). The cache was at a nature center near our house, and the kids had the most fun stopping and watching a group of dragonflies appear to play hide and seek. Seriously. One would fly down into these bushes and wait. Then, after a few minutes, we'd see the others all flying around and eventually one would swoop down on the hider, and they would all go off until it started again. M was mesmerized. We had to pull her away, only by promising to go to the "cookie store" (aka Harris Teeter) for groceries. Gotta love the kids getting excited about grocery shopping!

Then we had a trip to the pool last night right after the last gymnastics class. Very relaxing, the 90-degree day had significantly warmed the pool. Everyone had fun, even big man, who loves splashing.

Here's to a less structured summer!

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