Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whatcha Reading?

So since I stopped breastfeeding, I haven't read much. When I was pumping, I would use that time to try and relax and read a book. Now, not so much. I am reading Word Freak, about the Scrabble Championships, but it isn't as good as I was hoping. Other than that my most recent books, are the Knot Fairy, Dora, and Junie B. Jones. If you have a kid, especially a girl, going into Kindergarten these books are GREAT! At first I was a little concerned -- the title character, is pretty much a big brat and uses awful language. I don't mean swearing or anything, but she calls lots of people "stupid" and "fat mouth", etc. But my oldest (who will go to Kindergarten in Sept) LOVES the books, and will say that she doesn't think Junie B Jones is very nice. I think they get that she is obnoxious and rude. We are already on book 6 of the kindergarten series (I think it goes to 17 or so) and there is also a First Grade series.

So..what are you reading?


Jules said...

I love Tracie Peterson, she is a historical fiction novelist. I also love Jeanette Oke books.

americanmom said...

I mostly read fiction and love anything by Jodi Picoult. Right now I'm reading a book about the new OTC diet drug Alli, deciding if I want to try it. Even if I don't, the book is very educational about weight loss in general.

3XMom said...

I LOVE Jody Picoult. Truly. Her books are great!