Monday, June 18, 2007

Support a Soldier

So, I don't know anyone who is over in Iraq right now. I know a few who have gone, but nobody there right now. While I have never supported this war, I of course, support our troops. But it is hard to know what to do (other then call for their immediate safe return) for the ones over there. Well, I found a great website that lets you do something. Its called "Any Soldier". Its a great site that lets soldiers post what they want (everything from magazines, to cookies, to phone cards, to underwear, to movies, to books, etc.) and when you register they will email you their address.

Duffy and I baked a few batches of cookies, and threw in some magazines, and some snack foods. Going out to a unit from DC today.

Easy and makes me feel like I am doing something...

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