Monday, September 17, 2007

The Amazing Squash

So we went to the Great Zucchini yesterday. It was as bad as I remembered -- and the kids thought it was as funny as they remembered. Most of his jokes involve him hitting himself in the face, or splashing someone with water, or saying "whatever you do - don't do "x"" - while the kids do just that. In fact, I think I just gave away his entire act. Anyway, the kids really loved it. It was fun to watch them howl with laughter and dance around. Have you ever noticed that until you reach age 4, dancing and jumping are basically the same thing?! My oldest actually got to go on stage to "disappear". She went behind a sheet the GZ was holding, then ran (as we all watched) behind stage. It was so funny. She was very excited.

There was a great article in the Washington Post over a year ago that tells the REAL story of the GZ. He is really more like a bum with a gambling program. But boy, he really knows his audience. And I have to say, he came out and made a point of saying hi to us before the show (we got there early to get seats). I fear a repeat visit in our future.


Shari said...

Hmmmm, sounds kind of like how we feel about the "chuck e. cheese visits". My husband and I call it the casino for kids. They just stand there pumping in the tokens to get the tickets. LOL. Glad you guys had fun... Has she stopped talking about it yet?

Mordermi said...

No. :-)

It's only 2 days removed from the show. Maybe she'll move on sometime in November.

Jules said...

Lol, I am glad you took her even though, you didn't like it that much.