Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school, first day of school!

I will have to post pics later, cuz they are adorable. My oldest, K, started Kindergarten yesterday. She was SOOO excited - she literally ran out the door to get there. I couldn't wait to pick her up to hear how it went. She LOVED her class. Loved her teacher, had a blast with all the activities they did, and was very happy. She HATED before/after care. I guess because we did the pre-visit for her class she was ready for that -- but she didn't have any introduction to before/after care, aside from me talking to her about it. Basically, I drop her off in the cafeteria, and she can play games or do puzzles or the like (and eat breakfast) until the bell rings about an hour later. Then in the afternoon the same thing for about 1 1/2 hours til we pick her up. She said she didn't know anyone (there is nobody else in her K class in the before/after care, I think) and didn't like it. My guess is this will pass in a week once she gets the lay of the land. Meanwhile, DH got the bad end of the lollipop, as he dropped off today while she sobbed. Yesterday she was happy as a clam. Oh well.

Oh yeah, and boys SUCK. Even at 6. One of her best friends who she has known since birth and plays with regularly is in the first grade. He's a great kid really - he's my Godson, and his Mom is K's Godmother. They played at our house 4 days ago, and spent the week at the beach together 2 weeks ago. Anyway -- K says that when she waved and said hi to him on the playground he laughed and ran away. She was heartbroken. Her exact words "he doesn't care about me anymore". Arghhh...I hate cooties. And boys suck. I just didn't think I would have to deal with it for a few more years.


Happy Working Mom said...

How sad!! Boys do suck...unfortunately she'll see this the rest of her life :)

I'm glad she had a great first day otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Poor girly!! Boys DO suck!!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

eh hem..introduce her to this phrase, you'll never be sorry "boys are stupid" my college friends and i still use it,eventhough we're grown up married people, when our boys do something wrong..

Julie said...

Sounds like the first day was positive overall!

Amy W said...

Glad she is excited about school. And she will probably come around to the before/after care as soon as she makes friends.

Mordermi said...

"Boys suck?" :-)

Although I take exception to this global statement, I nevertheless wish to encourage her belief in this concept for about 20 more years. After that, boys can be ok.

This doesn't change the fact our godson is quirky and unaware of what the implications of his actions are. But, then...he's a boy... ;-)