Friday, September 21, 2007

I run, I run so far away...

Ok. So I'm still doing the running thing. I know to look at me, its hard to believe, but I am. I run 3x a week for 30 minutes. According to, I am doing about 2 1/2 miles or about a 12 1/2 minute mile pace. Pretty slow, but I'm getting there. The real amazing part is not only that I run 30 minutes, but that I do it at dawn -- actually, not even dawn - BEFORE dawn. When I get outside just before 6am it is PITCH DARK. The moon is brightly sparkling over my house. The first day I did it, I actually went back inside assuming I had messed up my clock when I set my alarm and it was actually 3am. But no, I am running in the dark and it will only get worse. When the weather gets colder I plan to join the community center down the street and run on their indoor track or on a treadmill.

My shoe situation is still bad -- I am running in 10-year-old shoes. Everyone who hears that nearly covers their ears. I am going to a different running store (Pacers) this weekend and god-willing will get decent shoes. I am very hopeful this will help with the severe pain and stiffness I get in my left hip! I have also registered for a 5k in just 2 weeks (gulp!). It is October 6th at 8am at Haines Point -- which is, thankfully, flat. I have yet to run 3k, but am not willing to get up any earlier on my regular schedule to try, so hopefully I can do it. I think I can. My goal is to finish in less than 40 minutes, but just finishing will make me happy.

I have also signed up for Yoga once a week. Hopefully the extra stretching will also help.

Who knows maybe in a few months when I turn 40, I'll actually be in some kind of shape!


ktjrdn said...

Hey, did you go enter to win some shoes? I did and actually won a pair.

Jules said...

I hope you get some new shoes. It is good that you are running.