Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forever Hold Your Peace

I am cracking myself up recently. I have my DS, who just turned one. I am desperately trying to get him to talk. He doesn't have any words, per se..but babbles constantly. Its possible he now has momma and dada, but I'm not convinced yet. So I've been trying to get him to talk and use real words. Constantly try to get him to communicate.

At the same time, my middle DD, who is 3, will NOT shut up. Don't get me wrong - I adore her, she is the sweetest, cutest thing you could ever meet. But she has hit that stage where they need to hear themselves speak. She has always been VERY verbal. By 18 months she had more than 50 words. But somehow in the last 2 weeks she entered this stage (which I vaguely remember from DD#1, but clearly tried to put out of my head) where she is talking CONSTANTLY. A one minute car ride goes like this -

DD - mom, do we have tickets the Great Zucchini?
me - yes honey, for Sunday
DD - so mom, are we going to the Great Zucchini on Sunday?
me - yes
DD- this Sunday?
me - yes
DD - to the Great Zucchini?
me - yes, honey..this Sunday we are going to see the Great Zucchini.
DD - and we have tickets?
me - yes
DD - i love the Great Zucchini
me -
DD - Mom, I said I love the Great Zucchini
me - that's nice
DD - mom, do you know what?
me -
DD - mom, know what?
me - what
DD - the Great Zucchini says whatever we do, don't fall asleep..and you know what?
me - what
DD - we all went to sleep. (hysterical laughter)
me -
DD - mom, we all went to sleep (hysterical laughter)
me - i heard ya
DD - so mom, we are going to see him on Sunday, right?
me - yes
DD - he is so funny...we have tickets, right?
me - (silent screaming) uh huh

This goes on constantly. DH said he thinks something is wrong with her. I assured him it was a phase that would pass. NOT SOON ENOUGH. And why, exactly, am I encouraging language development in my DS?

(don't get me started on the private hell involved with having to go see the Great Zucchini, you'll probably hear about it next week)


Mordermi said...

You forgot the part where she has that conversation with you, then turns to me (since we're riding together)

DD - Hey Daddy.
DH - Yes?
DD - You know what?
DH - What dear?
DD - We're going to see the Great Zuchini on Sunday!
DH - Yes, dear...
DD - On Sunday, Daddy!
DH - {submit request to 3XMom to be put out of misery}
DD - That's a stay-home day, Daddy...
DH - Yes, hon, it is.
DD - And we're going to see the Great Zuchini!
3XMom - {request denied}
DH - {sigh}

Shari said...

Um yeah, doesn't get any better when they are 8 either. I just want to know when they lose that need to have you acknowledge every little thing they say. Most dinners I finally have to say, okay, let's concentrate on using our mouth for eating now. :) But I guess it'll only be a few more years until she's way too cool to even talk to us.

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

talk to kt over at life the univers and everything. her girl chatters all the time too.

Jules said...

LOL, I am sure it is tiresome, but remember soon they will be grown. My 21 year old son is out of the house at college. I wish for some of those conversations again. Now he texts me a lot which isn't the same as hearing his voice.

Anonymous said...

My Gram told me "You spend the first few years of their lives getting them to walk and talk and the following 18 years telling them to sit down and shut up".

My nephew is 4 1/2 and he and my sister have had MANY conversations like this one :)

Amy W said...

You will definitely have to fill us in on the Great Zuchini!!

Julie said...

So, are you going to see the Great zuchini on Sunday? I'm not clear. : )

Mordermi said...

You know, I think we might be going to see the Great Zuchini on Sunday... :-)

Unfortunately, he stops being funny to people who are over the age of 10...maybe 12. And starts being excruciatingly annoying once you've over 25...